March 2012 - First Update

Hi friends. This is the first in what should hopefully be regular(ish!) updates, so that I can keep you all up to date with any interesting developments and news (so long as I have something interesting to tell you of course!)…

And it just so happens that there is plenty of interesting stuff coming up, especially this weekend which is shaping up to be a pretty good one: 

Firstly this Thursday 22nd sees me return to play No.10 in Bridport. Always a fun night here…one of the most intimate venues there is and a great venue to check out some quality acoustic music. 

Friday 23rd see’s me team up with two brilliant local musicians whose music I love…Karl Zumar and Sam Green. I’m sure some of you have heard these names already. Well we’re putting on a triple-header gig at the NBI, St Davids Hill, Exeter. Again, another lovely intimate venue with bags of character, and I’m really looking forward to hearing how our music goes together over the course of the evening. But basically if you like your acoustic blues and folk music played with tons of passion, skill and plenty of solid grooves then you should love this one! I’m sure it’ll be a great evening, and if it goes well we may even start taking it to other venues across the region.

Finally on Saturday I will be performing my first duo gig with Steve Black. Some of you may know already that I have begun working with this superb songwriter, and in the short time we have spent working together we have been creating some pretty epic songs! So we thought it would be a good idea to start doing some shows together, the first of which will be the Kings Arms in Seaton this Saturday 24th. Its sure to be a great night, and whilst I’m still not sure exactly how the set list will pan out, I can guarantee some great new original material mixed in with some old faves!

So that covers this weekend, and in other news I have a live EP on the way. This was recorded back in November at the NEO Music launch night, purely as a bit of an experiment, and somehow we managed to come away with a complete EP! It’s a total “warts ‘n all” recording of my entire live set from the evening, simply mixed and mastered afterwards at TJTunes in Nashville. It should be back from the printers in a week or two, and I will let you know when it is available to buy. In the meantime I will send you in the direction of my new website, where you will be able to hear some snippets and order the EP once it is ready.

Anyway, this first update is draggin on far too long already, and I haven’t even got on to talking about The Perfect Strangers or the recent gig at Mr Gallagher’s aftershow party with the Sweet Black Angels, so I’ll save that for another time.

Take care for now, and hopefully see a few of you out there this weekend.


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