The Rocker

"Hello! This is a bit good. Yet another in a fine crop of new bluesish singer / songwriters, Adam Sweet hails from the swamps of the South West. Well, Exeter. Inspired musically and hirsutedly by the classic rock and blues music of the 60s and 70s, he’s been performing since the age of 15, and “Small Town Thinking|”, his debut album showcases a young fella me lad who could go places.

Still in his mid twenties, the years spent performing live have stood him in good stead for this record, which was recorded in producer Alan West at NEO Music in Devon and Thomm Jutz at his studio in Nashville. He spent a year co-writing material with singer / songwriter Steve Black, and it’s been well worth the effort.

Mr Sweet has a really great voice which lifts some songs from the B-side to the A-side, and when the voice and the song are both out of the top flight, it’s really rather splendid. Tunes like ‘The Best Thing She Ever Had’, ‘The Next Man After Me’ and ‘You Think You’re Lonely’ are the sound of someone who could end up being very special indeed."