New EP - "Take Your Time" coming soon!

Hi folks, 
I’m delighted to be able to tell you that my new EP “Take Your Time” will be here soon! 
I’ve had this project ticking along in the background for a while now, so I’m really keen to get this out there! This year has seen me spend a lot more time in the studio, with a lot of this time being spent recording and playing on projects other than my own. It’s a constant learning curve and with the experience I’ve gained from this I’ve been taking the time between all the gigs and other sessions to sit in front of the mics and record myself. The result is this new 5 track EP on which I have performed everything…guitars, vocals, percussion...the lot. The majority of the songs are co-written with my long-standing writing partner and good friend Steve Black, but the EP also features a track written with my buddy Boon Gould, as well as a little tribute to a favourite singer-songwriter of mine. 
To give you a flavour you can listen to the single “New Friend” taken from the EP right now over at 
Details of the EP release and how to pre-order your copy will be coming real soon, so keep an eye on your inboxes. 
Best wishes, 
Oh and while I’ve got your attention I must mention a special gig that’s happening this Thursday 1stDecember at The Bellows venue at The Wheelwright Inn in Colyford, Devon. Canadian singer-songwriters Sarah MacDougall & Ben Kunder are playing here as part of their UK tour and I’ll be opening the show for them. Tickets are still available, full details at
That’s all for now…I’ll be in touch with more news on the EP soon!  

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